The ‘Hug ME’ campaign is all about soft toys. Squishy things. Huggable things. Soft and smooshy things that make you smile. Companions. Friends. And bringing joy to others with cuddly crafts.


We here at ‘Make ME’ are calling all crafters to arms…and heads…and legs…and, well, everything!

Got an old sewing machine gathering dust? Old clothes begging to be chopped up? Overflowing drawers of odd socks? Put them to good use for an amazing cause.

Handmade soft toys needed for sale, auction or donation. Sewed, stitched, crocheted, knitted, felted – anything you like in any form you like!

Sell your cuddly crafts here, or put one of a kind creations up for auction to raise money for invaluable M.E. research.

You could even donate your toys to youngsters with M.E. and bring a smile to a suffering child.

You don’t need to be nimble with a needle to make something people can enjoy! Help raise awareness with themed cuddlies and beanies of all shapes and sizes. Bears, dolls, animals, aliens, monsters, shapeless blobs – the only limit is your imagination!

Why not start experimenting today? 

Donations to the campaign are always welcome, whether in the form of cuddly toys or materials – fabric, buttons, old clothes etc. Anything you think could be used to make a fetching friend.


If your soft toys are intended for children, please do try to use child-safe materials and safety parts, otherwise we may need to specify that your creation is an artistic piece or intended for adults.


For more information, to get involved or to nominate a soft toy recipient email: or send your donations to ‘Hug ME’, 14a Victoria Grove, Southsea, PO5 1NE

Click below to see cuddly things for sale on Make ME right now!