Make Your own Fabric Buttons

I know I may be way behind the times but I still keep finding gadgets and ideas at the craft store that amaze me. This week I tried out the fabric button makers I had bought 6 months ago. They were very simple to make and now I want to look around the house and see what keepsakes I could make buttons out of. I am considering: an old, favorite shirt or baby shirt, vintage towel or handkerchief, old ties, prom dress, etc. to make a button for a bag or pillow that would be better used there than thrown out. What a sweet memory to carry a bag with a peice of baby’s first clothing! I can’t wait!

So, first, using the pattern on back of package cut out pattern. I cut my circle out of the paper so you can perfectly center and choose the picture that you want.


Cut out fabric circle and center around button half with teeth. Press around the circle, catching the fabric on the teeth all the way around.


Next, put the flat button half down on top of your fabric button and press into place by pressing down with a spool. Be sure to put the side down that sticks out farther.


All done! 2 minutes! And now you have a button that perfectly matches what you have sewn!


This was my favorite example of this- a bag I received in our Summer swap. LOVE it!


A few tips:
Be careful, you can hurt your fingers on those teeth!
If you fabric is too thin, use iron-on interfacing so that the silver button cannot be seen through the fabric.

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