‘Make ME’ features art, crafts and products made by M.E. sufferers and their family and friends, with profits being donated to ‘Invest in ME’ to help fund a UK M.E. centre of excellence for biomedical research and treatment.

M.E. or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is an extremely debilitating, chronic condition for which there is no cure.


At ‘Make ME’ we aim to focus on the little things that people with this condition can accomplish, bit by bit, instead of the bigger things we can’t; to shift attention to the positive ways we can still make a difference.

Being ill doesn’t mean we have to stop being creative.

Even if we’re stuck at home, or in bed, we can still contribute. Using the power of the internet and keeping our projects flexible enough to manage around our health, we can get our lovingly created crafts out there, raising awareness and fighting for real and effective M.E. treatments.

Crafts made by sufferers are listed at their own pace, as they complete them, with many sellers working on projects as and when they’re able. There is absolutely no rush – no pressure. There are no demands or time-constraints.

It’s not about how fast you can do something, it’s about how well you can do something. We may be ill but we haven’t lost our talent, our passion or our creativity. We just can’t manage things on the same scale as healthy people. We might not be able to keep up with the break-neck pace of the world outside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something constructive; something worthwhile, bit by bit. To borrow a phrase from Tesco “Every little helps”.


‘Make ME’ is about doing something rewarding for a good cause; about finding purpose again. It’s about changing the way we’re seen in the community and showing people that underneath every broken shell is a person trying to get out, to express themselves, to create and be a part of something wonderful in this world.

Arts and crafts have proven to be very therapeutic, offering catharsis to a great many people from all walks of life. Making things creates a real sense of accomplishment – something that’s very important for us to retain, especially when we’re unable to achieve much in other areas of our lives.

Let’s share the love with the work of our own hands, and bring hope and pride to these incredible people ‘doing it for ME’, working not just to improve their own situation but that of the many others suffering from this disease all around the world.


Please support us in any way you can. Buy some goods, tell your friends, get involved!

We welcome all crafters with open arms and open hearts. Feel free to register for an account via our Sellers page.

If you wish to donate crafts or craft materials, or feel you can contribute in some other way, please do get in touch with us. We’re grateful for any support you can offer.



‘Make ME’ was started by Jon Watson on Facebook in April 2012, in an effort to centralise crafts being sold for ‘Invest in ME’.

The Facebook page proved to be such a hit that development of a website was started in May 2012, to make the purchase of goods easier for buyer and seller alike.

The website is free to use and has no fees for products listed by sellers – the only charge is the PayPal transaction fee, charged by PayPal for processing payments. This is worked into most sellers’ costs in order to maximise profits. We only ask that sellers donate a portion of these profits to ‘Invest in ME’.

The ‘Make ME’ project is part of the ‘Let’s do it for ME!’ patient driven campaign supporting the pioneering M.E. charity ‘Invest in ME’ (Charity No. 1114035), who are leading the charge for invaluable translational biomedical research into M.E. They plan to open an M.E. centre of excellence right here in the UK, the first of its kind in Europe. With your help they hope to revolutionise the diagnosis, treatment and care of M.E. and raise awareness and understanding of this debilitating condition.

We expect the project to expand and grow, as part of its natural development. We have ideas for fairs/shows/workshops/tutorials/meets/forums/blogs and much, much more. Watch this space, or sign up to our newsletter to keep apprised of what we’ve got going on.


A great many thanks go out to all those who have helped make ‘Make ME’ what it is today, and who have contributed to what we hope it will become. You know who you are. Thank you!