Lesson 5

No, I didn’t forget to post Lesson 5 for the embroidery school - my computer pooped out earlier this week, and for anyone who’s had that happen knows it’s a tiny bit stressful! But my sweet hubby is letting me borrow his so I can wrap up with this final lesson. The original plan was to finish with four new stitches, however one of them was a bit difficult and I was getting frustrated on how to execute it properly, so we will finish with three....

Make Your own Fabric Buttons

I know I may be way behind the times but I still keep finding gadgets and ideas at the craft store that amaze me. This week I tried out the fabric button makers I had bought 6 months ago. They were very simple to make and now I want to look around the house and see what keepsakes I could make buttons out of. I am considering: an old, favorite shirt or baby shirt, vintage towel or handkerchief, old ties, prom dress, etc. to make a button for a bag...

Pumpkin Coffee Canister

Don’t know what to do with those empty coffee canisters? Turn them into pumpkins! My mom used to do this and they make great fall decorations and you can fill them with just about anything, or give them to the kids to use for trick-or-treating. Even if you’re not a crafty person, this project is easy and quick and virtually fool-proof.

Supplies needed:

Empty metal cans
Two different shades of acrylic orange paint

Quick Costumes

For those of you parents who are thinking of this last minute (and I’m assuming that you are if you are reading this on Oct. 30!) I have a few ideas that are quick and also cheap! Mostly made from clothes my son already had or stuff found around the house and best of all not wasteful!

Here are just a few on my favorite model:

First, using overalls, bandana, kids’ cowboy hat, and a party favor badge- the Cowboy!


How to Make and Use a Floor Loom

Bree of hotteaapparel.blogspot.com is today’s guest contributor with this amazing loom. So simple, so cool. This is a great way to reuse end-of-season t-shirts to make a comfy bathroom rug to greet fall.

When I was a teenager I’d spend two weeks of each summer at Swedish Language camp. My absolute favorite arts and crafts...

Book Club: The Big-Ass Book of Crafts

So I thought we could have a virtual book club since I seem to have developed this craft book addiction.
How it Works
Every 4-6 weeks we “discuss” a craft book as follows:

Make one project out of the book that is due for the next book club meet-up
Explain why you chose that project
Discuss the clarity of the instructions, the layout of the book, the illustrations, other projects in the book, and whether you liked the book or not

Zippered Pouch Tutorial, or If You Take A Pokemon to School…

As you may have noticed by now, we are a Pokemon household. So when my daughter’s teacher specified a zippered, soft pencil case as part of the school supply list, we obviously couldn’t just buy one. What do you think about our cooperative effort?
To make this pencil case you need:

For the applique:

an Image
Transfer Paper
White Fabric